CAX1122 Module

CAX1122 is an open frame CanBus module with CanOpen protocol mountable on a standard DIN rail for axis control.

By reading the axis position with an incremental optical encoder, or with a potentiometer, it can closed loop control the axis position, and provide an analog speed reference signal.

In both cases (encoder, and potentiometric) the module direcly powers the transducer with a stabilized, short-circuit protected recerence voltage.

The controlled axis can be a brushless motor driven axis, in this case the analog reference signal must be connected to a power driver input, or an hydraulic axis, in this case the analog reference signal must be connected to the input of an amplification board that drives the coil of a servovalve or a quality proportional valve.

In case of a power driver a second analog signal is available to adjust an optional current limiting device. Also for this latter case 4 optocoupled ON/OFF signals are available with the following meaning:

INP1 Drive OK Drive ready to be enabled
INP2 Enable OK Drive enabling result
OUT1 Enable Enable drive
OUT2 EnAna Enable analog drive

5 groups of spring-cage connectors are provided:

  • 3 points of which two are for 24 V power supply connection, and one is for ground connection
  • 1 four indvidually exctractable points group with the following meaning:
    • Potentiometer power supply positive pole;
    • Differential voltage signal input negative pole
    • Differential voltage signal input positive pole / Potentiometric cursor
    • 0V potentiometer referce
  • 2 two points groups for the output signal. Each indvidually exctractable two point group has the following purpose:
    • Output signal, relative to the 0 V reference;
    • 0 V reference
  • 8 spring cage points for digital optocoupled inputs, and output connections;
  • 6 points for the CanBus line (CANH, CANL, and GND_CAN input, CANH, CANL, and GND_CAN output)

One D type female connector is available for encoder connection.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (H x W x D) 88x151x60 mm
Mounting Standard DIN rail
Power supply 24 V (18 – 36 V)
Power consumption 300mA
Analog input channels 1
Differential input voltage 0/10 V
Minimum potentiometer resistance 1 kOhm
Potentiometer voltage reference 10 V
ADC converter resolution 12 bit
Analog output channels 2
Output voltage +10/-10 V
DAC converter resolution 12 bit
Minumum load resistance per channel 10 kOhm
Maximum encoder counting frequency 150 kHz
Maximum counting channel phase displacement +/- 22 electrical degrees
Digital input channels 2
Digital output channels 2
Digital outputs power supply 24 V (18 – 36 V)
Digital input power c consuption 5 mA
Input channel ON logic Vinp > 13 V
Input channel OFF logic Vinp < 5 V
Nominal current per output channel 50 mA
Digital output channel protection Short circuit
Optocoupling Standard on digial channel, and encoder signals
CanBus Baud Rate 125 kbps / 250 kbps / 500 kbps / 1 Mbps
Marking CE
Operating temperature 0 – 55 °C
Storage temperature -20 – 85 °C
Warehosing humidity Max 85% non-condensing
CanOpen standard specification DS301 – DSP402