CDO202 Module

CDO202 is an open frame CanBus module with CanOpen protocol mountable on a standard DIN rail, which provides 20 optocoupled digital power outputs.

It can drive contactors coils and hydraulic or pneumatic valves solenoids.

It is possible to drive all 20 outputs together, with a maximum current of 2A each.

3 groups of spring-cage connectors are provided:

  1. 2 connectors for module 24 V power supply
  2. 50 connectors distributed on 2 plans, grouped in 5 independent subgroups of 10 connectors.
    Each subgroup has 5 couples of connectors: 4 for channels output and 1 (centered) for the power supply.
    Each subgroup is galvanically independent from the others.
  3. 6 connectors for the CanBus line (CANH, CANL e GND_CAN input, CANH, CANL e GND_CAN output)

Being available 2 connectors for every device, these can be directly connected, without any extra connector.

The module provides an internal reading of outputs for diagnostic purposes.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (H x W x D) 88x243x65 mm
Mounting Standard DIN rail
Module power supply 24 V (18 – 36 V)
Module power consumption 60 mA
Channels 20
Optocoupling Standard on channels
Output power supply 24 V (18 – 36 V)
Nominal output channel current 2 A
Maximum total output current 40 A (together)
Protection Short-circuit
Overload (over 2.5 A)
CanBus Baud Rate 125 kbps / 250 kbps / 500 kbps / 1 Mbps
Marking CE
Operating temperature 0 – 55 °C
Storage temperature -20 – 85 °C
Warehousing humidity Max 85% non-condensing
CanOpen Standards  DS301 - DS401